OM-G -

Seaweed base granules for basal application.


OM-G - Seaweed granules manufactured from seaweed by an innovative technology. Seaweed granules are best suitable for water logging crops such as paddy, wheat etc.,

The granules are broadcast over the field like fertilizer which is slowly soluble to give nutrients to the plant. The seaweed granules contains natural macro, secondary and micro nutrients present naturally in seaweed.

  • OM-G Granules slowly dissolve in the irrigated water of the field and gives nutrients to the plant to develop greater amounts of fine roots; resulting in increased nutrient uptake
  • Greater resistance to stress and adverse environmental conditions
  • Increases tillering and grains in paddy and wheat
  • Reduces fruit fall and flower fall
  • Increase in size and weight of the grains and fruits
  • Increase in yield and quality of the produce

  • 8 kg per acre for 3 months crop.
  • 8-16 kg per acre for 6 months crop
  • 16-24 kg per acre for one year crop


Application method: Broadcast like a fertilizer over the field before or after irrigation of water.

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