Organic Six -

Seaweed base liquid for foliar spray.


Organic six is an extract obtained from a variety of marine algae and can be used for all crops.

It contains natural macro, micro and secondary nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals present in the seaweed which are important for plant growth.

Organic six is used countrywide irrespective of type of soil to increase yield and improve quality of harvest in crops such as paddy, banana, grape, mango, turmeric, coconut, tea, coffee, pepper, vanilla, vegetable plants and flowers.

  • Prevents leaf and fruit fall
  • Stimulates cell division in plants, kindles growth in lateral buds
  • Promotes flowering, growth of new leaves,young branches and fruits
  • Speeds up the chemical reactions
  • Essential to photosynthesis, activates many enzymes

  • Foliar Application – 2-5 ml per litre of water

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